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My challenge ends here
My current project is Megabot3D.
This is remake of MEGABOT game of Sandor Fekete (aka Tourus Media)

Now I complete only one level, game interface and main menu. You can view screenshots HERE or download DEMO
So, enjoy =)
Sad... Sad... Sad...
In russian words I just can say only "пичалька"(read as "pichal'jka"). it means that I very sad. Steam don't reply to me about three weeks. So I've started distribute it by myself. In such way I added game only here: IndieDB.
But with such activity, my hands fall to do anything.
DANGER! Energy completed
Yeah! Finally, I make this game and on the next week I want to ask Steam for distribution. Now, you can view information on the game page.
Also you can watch trailer for this game.
Today, I add simple image viewver for gallery and game screenshots.
Now, you don't redirected to blank page.
Danger! Energy OST
The game is not finished yet, but you can listen the tracks from Danger! Energy game in this section: Danger! Energy OST
The game is translating to English now.
Danger!Energy beta
There is beta release of Danger!Energy.
But this is only for Russian players now. Full English version come in few month.
Progress in Video
I work hard for the Danger:Energy. There is no Screenshots or any demo because of all my pre-announced project was cancelled.
But I am work and you can watch in the video section how I work.
Danger:Energy! - SOON
Danger:Energy in progress.

Now, you can check the gallery for new pictures with game characters.
Thetrone cancelled
This project is experimental platform game with scroll-shooter elements. There is some problems with gameplay and i was cancel this project. But this is not junk yet. I will split this game in two games: scroll-shoter and platform. Now you can play in the 3 leveled demo of this project.
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