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My challenge ends here
Half-Face games
I've created a pair of games with flash some time ago. But I said that they're waiting for sponsor. Ahahahah, that was bad idea! So I've created a special subdomain for my flash games: half-face.digital-synthesis.com

Why "Half-Face games", not "Digital-synthe.sis"? I think, because my flash games are shit... because I hate flash... I hate flash as a player because of lags, which appear as often as possible... I hate flash as a developer because I often need to make some things via my ass...
So, I hope that "Half-Face games" will create no game in the future.
I've completed this in one week.


This game is about me.
You can check it out on a game page or on a special game domain.
ATTWN and Game Jolt
I've learn Game Jolt API and updated my game And Then There Were None. So if you have Game Jolt account, you can use some features:
  • game progress store in the data cloud
  • about 30 achievements available to complete
  • slightly changed levels geometry.
So if you want to try out new features jump here or download GJ version in this section
How Mosquito bla-bla UPD
I've updated my game, which I made for LD24.
Changes are:
  • Fixed English texts (thanks to Xitilon)
  • Added various backgrounds(like clouds)
  • Fixed bug when you can fly on platform and stack
  • Fixed bug when you can eat some apples in jump
  • Added floatmines in "bird part"
  • Updated level design in "dog part"
Enjoy =)
You can download updated game here
FL & TBTD projects
I am working with my projects as I can. But... Borderlands2 is out and my friends forced me to play it with them! Anyway I always try to make something.
I was inspired by my game on LD24 and made a game about a frog on the ugly flash. The game is waiting for sponsor.
In the meantime, 4 screenshots of the project which are still stopped.

And also:
I know nothing about it. Will not say anything about it. How.
LudumDare24 and so on....
Sorry,dear Reader (if you exists). I don't update the site for a while, despite of I have progress in many directions. But few days ago one importatnt event happens with me. I mean Ludum Dare 24. Yeah I participate into LD24 with my game How Mosquito Became Human.
The Ludum Dare page here.

Also my projects not die. I've completed epsilon sector (without boss) in Megabot 3D (you can see screenshots on Megabot3D page).
Also I worked with my RealityControl Game. But it so far from release as Mars far from Earth. There are more work than I can imagine.
Also I've completed small game on Flash. Now it waits for sponsor. I hope that it isn't unlimited waiting...
And finally I started project FRACTALIFE, which oriented on branching storyline like "Contra Hardcorps". Hmmm... I think, that's all news agenda.
I took a break last two month from Megabot3D. Because of my study. In these two month I made two games prototypes: Reality Control and Superbullshit is under control.
Both of them not completed yet but you can view some info and play the demo of second project here.
And some working screenshot of the first project you can view here.
I don't drop my project Megabot3D but I'll return to it soon.

And also I updated site logo and corrected some site design.
Beta Sector Completed
I've completed second level of my Megabot3D project. No, this is a third level actually. But I mean that this level is second in the set of eight levels, which player must beat to get access into the last sector. At the end of the beta level, obviously, you need to fight boss. He looks like this:
I didn't make any demo yet. But I recorded the video which shows how beta level looks.
And Then There Were None
I've finished small game for Russain competition Gaminator. But only games with Russian language can participate. So I made international version which not linked with Gaminator.
This game is about a man, who follows the mysterious voice from the radio. You can see more info and download game here. Also, you can view video trailer.
MEGABOT 3D first boss
I've completed delta level of this game. At the end of this level player needs to fight boss - Delta OMNI.

Don't any demo avaliable yet but you can check the video with boss battle.
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